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Bjarne Christensen

Based in
Copenhagen, Denmark

Catch me here
+45 3022 1498

I’m an experienced creative, and my strengths are in business development and branding, digital design, campaigning and online concepts. I'm a team player at heart and always work hard to achieve my goals. My focus is on adding value to brands and products with design and creative digital solutions across platforms and technologies.

By nature, I'm highly ambitious. I demand the best of myself and my colleagues. I’m the natural bridge builder between business, strategy, technical development, design and management.

You get the most out of me when

You place me in a role where I can actually act and make decisions. When you let me in on the core of your business and the heart of yourself, I can actually do what I both love doing and do best; change things to the better and promote development.

The generalist

I’m an advanced and holistic thinking creative business generalist.

Basically that means I’m equally into Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Team Management, Concept Development, Design, Branding, Animation, Technology, Communication and Customer Experience.

As a result I'm often involved in very different projects. Sometimes I'm hands-on designer or director, other times I help businesses to break out of an identity crisis or I work as advisor when companies merges or need fresh perspective on their product, offering, story, strategy or brand experience.

I love every bit of the variation in those projects and people.


Usually I am involved in 3-5 projects or clients per year, dependent on size and level of involvement. I am not taking on any new projects before February 2018.


Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Company
Brand Strategy and Experience Vision & Strategy, Digital Brand Platform
Municipality of Odense
Brand Development and Project & Conceptual Lead on the TRTO International Recruiting Campaign and Platform
Danish Bakery
Business Development, Global Experience Strategy, Design & Counselling
Reload! A/S
Rebranding, Design & Counselling


Danske Bank
Commercial Platform and Campaigning for June
Danske Bank
Design Lead on the Sunday team
Phantom Spirits
Digital Concept, Design and Development
Rebranding, Digital Concept, Design and Development