We are a global unit of independent and experienced creatives developing moods and experiences through insights. We help you connect with your audiences in new and engaging ways that relate to real people’s lives. The output are often digital products, brand strategies, physical spaces, events or new business models. In essence, we change opinions, businesses and mindsets.

Meet the people
The perfect mix of skills and experience. At your place.

We want to put together the perfect team for each project. We want to get rid of unnecessary expenses. And we want to be able to work closely together with your team.

It means that 90% of the time we prefer to stay at your place, if possible. Implementing our core team into your organisation. Only then we believe we can create something great together.

Should we make this great thing together?

We do not work on new projects that are expected to last less than three months. We simply don't believe anything really good can be achieved if we can't get to know each other in depth. We do not work for you. We work with you. That means we choose the core team together with you, and embed ourselves in your organization. We believe that a close collaborative process is fundamental in innovative creative projects. So yes, we will also eat lunch at your place and drink your coffee.

But don't worry, we're all nice people, so you'll love spending time with us.

We know we create results, which are changing businesses.

Great work costs. The same goes for experience. And we are for certain not your cheapest option. You pay for our bright minds and skills from many years of experience. Not for huge offices, rich bosses or big cars.

Sounds good, huh?

Read more about how we prefer to work as we do, and more importantly, why. It's great reading, and you'll find it under our philosophy

How we work

When you work with us, you get access to a team of curious explorers, great listeners, bright thinkers, and proud creators within the creative business industry. Our varied backgrounds and skills enable us to do work as a team we never could have accomplished as individuals. We share a common way of design process thinking. It starts with curiosity, the eagerness to change stuff to the better and challenge status quo. The rest we’ll tell you about when we meet.

Being part of a team is fantastic. But a good team doesn’t necessarily need to sit in the same room every day.

We are structured differently. Mainly because it makes sense.

We believe we can achieve the best results by putting together a core unit of the best people from project to project. We think it’s time to rethink the traditional agency or company structure. We think it’s time to structure the project, more than a company.

We're independent. We’re a moving organism. We're super agile. We're small and large at the same time. We're a team when it's needed, and individuals when not.

More about that philosophy

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